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The services that we provide are given through a certain procedure in which we give two days free trial which is an example of our services. The trial is given to ensure and evaluate the services and once you get assured of the services, you can join us. But there is no such policy related to refund or cancellation as such.

As we do not have any refund or cancellation policy for the clients who have subscribed with us already, that is why we provide two days free trial before that. Before you join us please go through the following points so that a healthy relation can be maintained once you become a member of Customer Dial family.

  1. Go through the terms and conditions page.
  2. Make sure to read the privacy policy section.
  3. Do watch the Free Trial for 2 days for assurance.
  4. FAQ’s are must to be read, to solve your queries.
  5. Go through the about us page.
  6. Make sure you read our refund policy before subscription.

See that all your credit cards and passwords are not disclosed to anyone and no one can pay for your account, and your membership is secured.

Make sure you have gone through the disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions and refund policy before proceeding for subscription or making payment for any of our services.

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